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Over 35 years of analog experience make us experts for lowest power consumption, high accuracy and overall system power optimization in our products 

AS7262 is a highly integrated six channel spectral radiometer with 40nm FWHM Gaussian filters at 450, 500, 550, 570, 600 and 650 nm. The filter peak wavelength positions, filter shapes and filter bandwidths are typical examples and can be adjusted to meet customer requirements. This allows designers to cost effectively sense spectral information in specific visible bands simultaneously thus reducing component count, physical space and BOM costs in color sensing applications. This device is ideal for spectroscopic techniques such as color measurement, absorbance, irradiance, reflectance and transmittance.

The device comes with either a driverless smart interface (UART) for easy configuration or standard I2C sensor interface should multiple sensors need to be accommodated. There are integrated LED Drivers synchronized to the system clock to control external light source and can form an electronic shutter.

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6-Channel XYZ Spectral_ID Device with Electronic Shutter and Smart Interface

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